(All Curried specialties are served with steam white basmati rice)

Butter Chicken/Shrimp Makhani

This world famous curry flavor is prepared in a smooth tomato sauce with butter and a roasted flake of fenugreek leafs….

Chicken Tikka Masala/Shrimp Tikka Masala

“Tandoori Chicken Tikka” or “ pan toasted Shrimps” cooked in a specially slow cooked masala sauce with tomato and onion

Lamb (Gosht) Korma/Shrimp Korma /Chicken Korma

Lamb (Gosht) Vindaloo/Shrimp Vindaloo/Chicken Vindaloo

Sag Lamb (Gosht)/Sag Shrimp/Sag Chicken

Kashmiri (Lamb) Gosht Curry/Kashmiri Chicken Curry

Jhinga Pepper Masala/Fish Curry Goan

MarinatedShrimps pan sautéed with onion, tomatoes, and peppers and special fish curry from the region of Goa, medium spicy

Kukhura ko Masu(Nepalese Style Chicken Curry)/ Machha Ko Jhol(Nepalese style Fish Curry)

We bring you special selection of most popular chicken curry / Fish Curry from the Himalayan country of Nepal

Khasi Ko Masu (Goat Curry)

Favorite of every Nepalese house hold. Goat mean in bones.  Cooked truly in Nepalese style


Laliguras Special Pillau Rice -- $3.50

Steamed Whitei Rice -- $2.00

Brown Basmati Rice -- $3.50

Chicken Entrée -- $14.00

Lamb Entrée -- $16.00

Shrimp/Fish Entrée -- $17.00

Add White Meat -- $1.50

Goat Entrée -- $17.50