Sparkling Wines(GLS/BTL)

CORTEFRESCA Prosecco -- $10/$40

Fruity and elegant Prosecco with a fresh and floral bouquet.


Intense aromas of fresh fruit. Notes of fruit and hints of buttery brioche.
On the palate, notes of fruit coupled with hints of buttery brioche.

White Wines

LAGARIA Pinot Grigio -- $10/$38

VINA FALERNIA Sauvignon Blanc -- $10/$38

DOMAINE DE BERNIER Chardonnay -- $9/$36

BUEHLER Chardonnay -- $39

CLINE Viognier -- $9/$38

FIRESTEED Pinot Gris -- $45

PICHOT Vouvray -- $52

LETH Gruner Vetliner -- $38

BEX Riesling -- $38

Rose Wines

VILLA VIALADE Rosé -- $9/$35

Fresh and aromatic palate with flavors of pureed fruit and crushed red fruit.

Red Wines

GRAYSON Pinot Noir -- $10/$40

Aromas of raspberry and plum, Flavorful, silky with good body and texture.

MATCHBOOK Syrah -- $11/$45

Flavors of black cherry, blueberry, dried fruit and truffles on the palate.

ERNESTO CATENA Tahuan Cabernet -- $11/$45

Notes of fresh red fruit. The palate has balanced acidity, fruit, and oak.

ALTOS LAS HORMIGAS Malbec -- $10/$38

Notes of crisp red fruit fill the mouth, with a soft texture and a long finish.

BLOCK NINE Pinot Noir -- $38

Flavorful and silky, showing wild cherries and a hint of sandalwood.

FOUR VINES OLD Vine Zinfandel -- $45

Shows wild berry flavors with a hefty dusting of spice and zesty pepper.


Spirit of Apsara -- $11

Cardamom Hibiscus Syrup, Lemon Juice, Prosecco, Gin

Kaanch Paanch -- $13

Black Tea, Indian Spices, Soda, Ginger Infused Rum

Amaro Sour -- $12

Orange Liqueur, Campari, Riesling, Whiskey

Mirchi Margarita -- $11

Union Mezcal, Fresh Lime Juice, Orange Liqueur, Green Chilies

Laliguras Special Fashion

Choose your Spirit -- $13

Whiskey - Jack Daniels

Bourbon - Jim Beam

Scotch - Johnnie Walker Black

Choose your Exlir

Spicy Toasted Exlir

Indian Spices


Taj Mahal -- $10

Stela, Heineken, Blue Moon -- $7

Miller Lite, Budweiser -- $6

House Wine by Glass


Merlot, Cabernet -- $9


Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc -- $9

With a mix of emotions, we bid farewell to an incredible journey

Laliguras Indian Bistro - Van Ness has permanently closed its doors today.

We are immensely grateful for your unwavering support throughout the years. 🙏

#LaligurasVanNess #FarewellWithGratitude